My thoughts on life

December 1, 2004


Heh, Morgan is right, I need to update more often. The trouble recently is that I started feeling ill on like the 20th. I got progressively worse until somewhere around Thanksgiving and I’m still not totally recovered. I haven’t had the energy to do much of anything, and so have not posted. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I spent it with Ethan’s family, which went well, despite my illness. I realized yesterday that there was no wild rice though, and that’s just plain wrong (shakes head). That aside, we saw a couple of movies, including I heart Huckabees which was strange. I can’t say whether I enjoyed it or not, just that it was strange. On the way down to Madison we met up with the Reverand Anthony which was fun. I haven’t seen him since… he randomly showed up during E-Quality coming out week. I hope that Christmas at my parents’ / aunt’s houses will go as well with Ethan as my Thanksgiving did.

– In other unrelated random news, I got a new harddrive, which despite not going as smoothly as I hoped, is now installed. I’m in the process of moving things, but after this weekend I should be back down to two installations of XP (because one just isn’t enough and three is too many).