My thoughts on life

November 21, 2004


I just finished Fellowship of the Ring. I should be happy, but when I realize how long I’ve been reading it I’m not sure what to feel. Granted, I haven’t been reading it continuously. There have been very long gaps in the process and I’ve been in school most of the time which means when I have time to read on my own reading isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind since that’s what I’ve been doing for class. Yay for college.

– I spoke with my advisor and she said that maybe I could have a “custom” minor, something along the lines of digital media. That way I get to take a bunch of art classes and have them count towards something. Getting in to the art classes might prove challenging, but who knows. It sounds like fun. I really really hope that I can graduate and get out of here in three more semesters though. Whatever else happens.