My thoughts on life

September 21, 2004


Eep, it’s been awhile since my last post. Whups. I rediscovered the joys of the Co-op today. If you have a local co-op, you should check it out. My favorite thing about it is that the spices (which seem about 10 times more fresh than those in the supermarket) are pretty much all less than a dollar an ounce. Compare that to the spices at Rainbow or Cub. You get less than an ounce for a few dollars. I bought five bags of spices, and large bags of lentils and TVP all for about five bucks. It’s amazing.

– In other news (because who really wants to hear about my groceries?) I have watched more of David Firth’s creations online. He’s the maker of Salad Fingers. Most of his animations are mostly disturbing, but a few have some humor (if you’re twisted enough to realize it). I’m starting to suspect all of his main characters have serious mental disturbances that manifest in various ways. It doesn’t make them all bad people, just difficult to understand. I don’t think this type of thing appeals to a lot of people, but I really am starting to enjoy it. Maybe that says something about me. To check out his stuff you can visit the Fat-Pie Flash Animation Gallery. Enjoy!