My thoughts on life

September 15, 2004


I got some interesting feedback yesterday. It’s not really feedback even. It was just some misguided attempt at… criticism maybe? I don’t know. Some person left the following message:

I am sure there are so many people that are just dieing to meet you off line.. you must be joking how can you hate something that never happens to you.

I wish I made up the people who, ignoring the message on my profile ask where I live, if I want to go hang out etc. Or my favorite are the people that say “I understand” and then talk to me for a few weeks, every once in awhile they poke at the idea of meeting, and everytime I give them a flat out no. Eventually they get discouraged and stop talking to me altogether. (shrugs) I’m not sure why I would make that up to complain about something but then again, I’m not sure why the person who left this comment would decide what had happened and then thry to make fun of me for fantasizing about something I don’t like in the first place. People are stupid.

– In less bizarre news, it’s raining here. I like the rain. Hell, I love it. What I don’t like is the disgusting dead-worm smell that begins to clog the air after it has rained steadily for awhile. I also don’t like that it means everyone has to drive to school, so you end up parking much further from the entrance, and half the drivers use rain as an excuse to drive about 5 miles an hour… and don’t turn on their lights. Makes sense.