My thoughts on life

August 24, 2004


I just saw Tortilla Soup and I thought it was great. There’s something creepy about a man marrying a woman around his daughters’ ages, and then having another kid…. yeah, that might ruin the movie for you so if you plan to see it, try to ignore that part. Now I have an urge to throw dishes. Maybe the Salvation Army has some for cheap.

– I need to find someone to go see I, Robot with… It’ s only here this week and I would really, really like to see it again. I just started reading the book yesterday and it’s going so fast, I’ll be done this evening for sure. After reading it, I’ve decided that the movie is almost a continuation of the book. There are certain scenes which are sort of taken from the stories in the book, but the overall story is original. The book is really interesting to read… I’m not a huge fan of Asimov’s style of writing, but the stories are very well constructed and so you sort of just look past that.

– Molly is moving back in this week, and now I have the addition of Sara. Molly I know is cool, because she was here briefly this summer. I’m hoping good things for Sara, whom I’ve only talked to a few times. She seems really neat so my fingers are crossed. I forgot to tell her about Rooster.. I doubt that will be a problem though…. Well off to bed I go, to finish reading.