My thoughts on life

August 23, 2004


Blarg… This weekend was fun. I got to play with Legos! Legos are fun damnit. Anyway, my dad was replacing my radiator so that I can drive with out the heat on, and decided that my muffler was too loud. Why can’t car parts last indefinitely? I looks like a muffler will run me somewhere between $60-100 plus install. Bummin. Now I just have to find out if an extra forty bucks is worth the lifetime warranty…

– I have one week left before school starts. I need to go buy my books before everyone else does. I also need to re-schedule my lesson. Arrr… I’m not looking forward to Calculus, but Italian and my two C Sci classes should be fun. I’ll be back to working very little…. Oh wait, I’m already working very little. Yep. Hopefully I’ll be really busy though, and that way the time will go faster. I’m starting to despise sitting around and doing nothing.