My thoughts on life

August 11, 2004


Okay… So I scrapped my old setup and made the big switch to the new one. There are still pages that are not available and probably some bugs that need working out, but I decided it was time to change. Now I have a motivation to actually finish the different styles and whatnot. I plan on making a few more while I’m at it.

– I got my new bike (jumps for joy). It was expensive, but so very worth it. If you”ve ever had a low-end bike, and then drove a really nice one, you’ll know how I feel. I can’t quite describe how nice it is to ride. Ethan and I went for a ride on Sunday so I could test it out. It’s an ’05 red and silver Raleigh SC-40. This is pretty much the nicest thing that I’ve ever bought for myself. Of course as soon as I got back home, it turned into autumn and has been ever since. Isn’t August supposed to be warm? Maybe I’m confused. I put my bike computer thing on it last night and gave my old bike to Morgan who apparently has a street bike that’s too big for her. Evil street bikes. I’m all excited to see how fast I can get going on it now that I have a way to tell.

– In other news, I shall be busy this week. Tomorrow my friend Wren is coming to visit, Ethan is coming up on Friday, my parents are coming on Saturday… busy busy. I really ought to get some cleaning done, stop by the stupid school bookstore and see what they have for books. Also I need to change my schedule for this lesson thing I’m taking. (sigh) Stupid cold weather.