My thoughts on life

August 2, 2004


So, despite the fact that I’m working the saddest, most pitiful hours, I have the busiest weekends ever. I don’t know how that happened but I have many, many weekend plans. I haven’t really had a weekend of nothingness for awhile now. I’m actually getting to the point where I’m kind of hopefully anticipating classes because I’ll have something to do. Gah!

– While I was writing this, Rooster did the cutest thing ever. He was running up and down his cage carrying a piece of cardboard in his mouth. He kept sort of stumbling on it, but that didn’t stop him from taking it up and down a ladder about 3 times. Finally on his last trip down the ladder, he accidentally stepped on the cardboard and sort of sledded down, riding on top of it. Strangely, this didn’t faze him much.

– So, what IS going on in my life? The fair is coming to town next weekend, and I’m slated to work there. My parents might be coming up that weekend. This weekend, I’m going to the cities to visit Wren and Ethan and probably do some computer fixing… I’m going to the cities two weeks from now as well so I can touch bases with my parents. I can’t do that this weekend because they’re going to the cabin. So, the next three weekends are full, and after that, I have one free, and then school starts. I can’t believe Summer is almost gone.

– In my pitiful effort to keep myself occupied in the 21 hours a day that I’m not at work, I’ve been coloring a poster (yes, really). It seemed like a cool idea to keep a photo record of the progress, so with any luck, I’ll start posting that. I sort of came to a halt while working on my site, but I’ll be back to that shortly. I really only have a bit of work left before I can transfer it over to the new layout. I think I’ll just have to remove a few styles until I can complete them.

– I’ve also been playing the original Final Fantasy. Wow is that a long game. I personally think that the graphics in it completely blow away those of the more recent FF games. Tiny pixilated men rule!

– So… I also took a bunch of pictures of my various cactuses and succulents and I plan on getting a page for those… which will involve lots of trying to identify them. Bleah… Well, this turned into a rather long post. I think it’s about time for me to crawl back into bed and watch Minority Report for the thousandth time.