My thoughts on life

July 26, 2004


Busy, busy weekend! I worked from 9 to 6 on Friday, because Scott went to the fair and Jessi is on vacation, so I was basically the only one to take calls. As soon as I got off work I drove to the cities to see Ethan. On Saturday we went to the Como zoo, the conservatory, grocery shopping, saw The Bourne Supremacy and then went to a party at Ethan’s friend’s house. This morning, we made egg rolls (mmmm) and then took a nap, went to a few stores and I got a chinchilla. It was about that random. It was also free. His ( I think he’s a he) name is Rooster and he only has three legs… but he came with a free cage (a big free cage) so there you go. My cats are currently terrified of both the cage and Rooster. Rooster seems to not care about them. It’s a strange set up.