My thoughts on life

June 25, 2004


Last night we watched Gothika. If you want to see a movie that resembles something out of a blender, this is the film for you. There were actually points where the movie was kind of cool, but most of the time it was just plain rediculous. Ignoring the grayness of it all, Dr. Grey, a respected psychiatrist, suddenly discovers that she is in her own psych ward. She keeps seeing a girl, who she finds out to be a ghost. This girl apparently can only communicate through violence, so even though Grey is trying to help her, she beats the shit out of her repeatedly. The other power that the ghost has is to make lights flicker, so for a good portion of the movie, an epileptic would have to leave the room. In the end, even though she killed her husband and the sheriff, she gets released. Why anyone would believe most of her story is beyond me, but hey, it doesn’t matter, it’s movie land! One of the patients (who killed her step-father) also gets released. She’s someone I’d want out on the streets for sure. Would you ever hire a psychiatrist who had been commited once and had ‘not alone’ carved in her arm? I don’t think I would.