My thoughts on life

June 20, 2004


Two days ago I finally finished my skirt. This is the first item of clothing that I have ever completed. Thinking about that makes me want to finish that pair of pants and other skirt that are floating around somewhere… I should post some pictures of it. It turned out quite nice. I might add a fringe to the outer layer and take up the hem a bit on the inner one. Other than that, I think it’s neat.

– Yesterday my dad came to visit and fix some stuff around the house, mainly the fact that we keep getting water in the basement. In the process he took out a few bushes/trees. Our house looks very different now. We also put on a bunch of window screens so you can open the windows and get a breeze going. All very nice. (P.S. Happy Fathers Day, even though I know my dad doesn’t read this).

– Tonight I was invited to a ‘burning party’ which is good because after dad took out the bushes and whatnot, I have quite a bit to burn. I’m sure I’ll have fun at that.