My thoughts on life

June 16, 2004


I’ve been working on a skirt for a few weeks now… I finally finished the inner skirt and now get to tackle the outer skirt, as well as the waistband and ties… It will be nice to finish it. Then I’ll have a nice flowy wrap-skirt. A purple flowy wrap skirt. Since most of my clothes are still black, it will be a nice change. By some sad twist of fate I’m wearing the weirdest t-shirt ever… It was made for my uncle’s birthday and has a cartoon drawing of him on it. There’s something amusing about wearing a shirt like this to the grocery store.

– On a completely random note, if you want to try some soy milk, get 8th Continent. It’s the only soy milk I’ve had that isn’t grainy. It doesn’t have that strange after taste either.