My thoughts on life

June 14, 2004


So, I got to see Ethan’s new apartment. It’s small but he doesn’t exactly need a ton of space. It’s also pretty near uptown so he’s close to a ton of little shops.

– While I was down in the cities, I watched Supersize Me. That was an eye opener. I strongly urge you to see that if it is at a theater in your area. You might want to skip the soda and popcorn. If you don’t know, Supersize Me is a documentary about a man who decides for one month to eat nothing but what is offered on the McDonald’s menu. He has to eat three meals a day, and if they ask him, he has to supersize. Meanwhile, he’s also touring the country, talking to people about what they think, visiting schools to see what’s served, and of course, eating McD’s.

– I also got to meet up with my friend Wren and we hung out at her place for an evening. Fun was had and there was much rejoicing.