My thoughts on life

May 23, 2004


Okay, the trip was a bit shorter than we originally thought it would be as I’m now back at home (with my wonderful cats!) . I think there was another whole destination planned that got cancelled but I’m not entirely sure. Since my last post things got a bit rough, to say the least. The day we left Seattle (more or less) we started getting a flat tire. First we bought a patch kit and that seemed to work… until we stopped again. Basically the tire was disintegrating… We were at that time dragging a U-haul so we had to take it off and replace the tire and then put it back on… no small feat.

– We also stayed in the world’s creepiest hotel. There was this guy… he was there manning the desk rather late at night and was still there in the morning. There were also fake plants everywhere. By everywhere I mean that there was one between all the doors on both sides of the hall. They were large fake plants too. Trees and whatnot.

– I wandered away and lost my train of thought… I have to make a whole page about our horseback ride… I’ll leave that for later though.