My thoughts on life

May 14, 2004


Alright, new happenings as well as a few things I’ve forgotten to mention:

  1. On Saturday at graduation it started out gloomy then suddenly got sunny. Everyone got burnt. The graduates (including Ethan) look silly because they have burn lines across their foreheads. I just got badly burned on my face, neck and hands as I was wearing long sleeves
  2. During the long car ride, Ethan and I took to reading a book out loud to one another. My throat got rather sore because he was doing most of the driving. Who knew a person who talks so much could get a sore throat from talking?
  3. We’re staying with Ethan’s aunt and uncle and their kid. I’m not a huge fan of children but he’s been okay so far.
  4. We’ll be leaving the Seattle area on Sunday and I’m hoping to actually be in Seattle before we go.
  5. I miss my cats
  6. I got to watch CSI last night, followed by without a trace. I thought both of them were very good episodes. (yay for tivo).
  7. Last night we ate at the brewery. The beer was strong. Really strong. They have a new brew called Fat Bastard, for which they were selling T-shirts. I wanted one that said “Get Fat” but alas, I had no money.

So I’m having a good time so far and everyone is getting along well. Ethan and I have the house to ourselves until Sunday because the family already left for Leadville. Hopefully things will continue as they have been.