My thoughts on life

July 18, 2003


Yesterday my friends’ psychotic land lord decided she was going to evict them and only give them 48 hours notice… She also decided she didn’t have to go through legal channels to do this and was basing the eviction completely on unfounded complaints from neighbors. The closest to a warning she came was to tell them a few things they were doing wrong several days ago (which since then my friends have been very careful about not doing), then, without checking up to see if they’ve improved she entered the apartment when no one was home, sited some pre-existing damage to the place and returned the following day to deliver an eviction notice (which legally should be delivered by someone else and posted on the door). Thankfully one of my friend’s moms is a lawyer who listed all the things wrong with this situation and the land lord quickly backed down. All in all it was a fairly stressful day.