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August 10, 2015 Gardening

Hot Compost

To try and get the garden beds productive as soon as possible, I researched hot composting. With hot composting you get your compost pile as hot as possible and turn it frequently — every 2 to 4 days — to get fully composted organic matter in a matter of weeks instead of months.

I got a compost thermometer and combined some grass clippings, kitchen scraps and all of the soiled bedding from the duck shed into a pile. A few days after I built the pile, the temperature peaked around 120° F and each time I turned it after that, it was getting to around 110° before starting to fall again.

On Wednesday I turned the pile again, and it only got up to a measly 101° after a couple days. There is quite a bit of uncomposted material still in the pile, so the internet told me I need to add more nitrogen. Cheap sources of nitrogen are: urine, manure, and brewed coffee grounds.

Since I live in a city where you can almost literally see a starbucks no matter where you’re standing, Ethan and I took a tour of several coffee shops and were able to acquire about 5 gallons of coffee grounds. As an aside, we stopped at Foxy Lady Cafe, which is a Bikini Barista place, and the barista that answered the drive through window in a lacy thong and bra said sorry, no, they don’t save their coffee grounds. I’m not entirely certain they actually serve coffee there.

We mixed the grounds in on Saturday while turning the pile again, and today the pile is up to a whopping 130°!

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