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April 18, 2014 Personal

Living without a microwave

Around 6 years ago, I bought and moved into a house. In a very short time frame, Ethan and I noticed that a) the house did not have a microwave and b) we were having a hard time living without one. So we went to Home Depot, bought stuff to make a shelf, then Ethan built a shelf over our oven, and we put a microwave on it. The microwave lived there happily for years (and is still there). I remember feeling like I was really deprived without the microwave and I was super relieved to be able to reheat some food in it for the first time.

Fast forward to today: we just bought another house, and moved in. Ethan has been here about a month ago, and I’ve been here 3 weeks. It took me a few days to even notice that we didn’t have a microwave. So far I don’t miss it.

So I have to ask myself: what changed?

First, I noticed over the last year that we were not using our microwave very often. What brought it home for me was that we had cleaners coming every other week, and the invariably put the turntable back in wrong. I would notice the first time I used the microwave after they cleaned, but sometimes that was over a week after they were last in the house. We were only using our microwave about once per week.

I think this is partially because our diets have changed quite a bit. In the last year I have changed to eating a lot more whole foods, including lots of raw fruits and vegetables. Simply having a huge supply of these things in the house means that Ethan is eating more of them too.

The other reason we were less dependent on our microwave is that we bought a new oven, and we had more counter space. When we first moved into our Minneapolis home, there was barely any usable counter space, and the oven and stove were horrible. We had a large cutting board set up on two burners and that was our primary food prep space. Once we replaced the oven, reheating food on the stove was less of a chore. When we had more space to prepare our food, we could use 4 burners instead of two, and it got even easier.

For the last few weeks, I’ve had several hot lunches that I heated in a small frying pan (stews and soups, mostly). I also toasted (and burned) a number of pitas and tortillas on the stove. I’m grateful to have my toaster back for the pitas, but I’ll continue to heat tortillas on the stove. I can’t think of a reason I need a microwave now.

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