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September 22, 2013 Personal, Travel , , ,

Upcoming Events

I have a few busy weekends coming up. Next weekend I have both the Big Gay Race and Autumn Brew Review, both on the same day. The weekend after that, I’ll be in Seattle for the Tough Mudder. The following weekend, I’ll be in Black River Falls for a three day weaving class.

I signed up for the Big Gay Race back in July, and I think it will be fun. It’s more of a fun run for charity than a race, as far as I understand it. Given the recent weather, it should be a pleasant morning 5K, and I expect to see plenty of costumes and fanciful attire. Same sex marriage was just recently legalized in Minnesota, so there will probably be some happily married couples there, too.

The Autumn Brew Review is basically 4 hours of beer sampling, with beers provided by many local breweries. I discovered that a) it’s legal to bike drunk in MN and b) we can use the bikeshare near our house to get us there and back legally and inexpensively, without having to worry about where to lock up our bikes. The charge for the bikes (as long as you return them to a rack within 30 minutes) a flat fee per day, so we can use them to get to and from the Big Gay Race too. Both events are within a 30 minute bike ride of our home.

I’m looking forward to the trip out to Seattle, and the Tough Mudder itself. We might check out some houses in the area, and we’ll get to spend some time with Ethan’s aunt, uncle and cousin, who we’ll be staying with. As long as all of Ethan’s joints survive the mudder (and mine too, really) it should be a pleasant extended weekend.

My weaving weekend will be with my mother-in-law. We went to the same thing last year and I made a couple of scarves, one for Ethan and one for me. The scarves turned out well. Ethan used his all winter, and I put mine into rotation and wore it regularly. This year I’m hoping to make a blanket, if my plans aren’t too ambitious. Last year it was also a good opportunity to get some one on one time with Ethan’s mom, and watch her make a blanket. The only changes I plan to make are to bring some food (thankfully Ethan’s mom supplied some last year, I somehow thought food would magically appear at midday), and I’m taking off Friday so I can start earlier in the day. The only downside to the weaving weekend is that after hours at the loom my back feels like it’s going to self-destruct. It recovered within a day last year, though, so it’s not that terrible.

All in all, it will be a busy few weekends. I will have a four day work week followed by a three day week, and they’re all fun activities I’m looking forward to, so no complaints from me.

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