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July 13, 2013 Home Brewing , ,


Our Karl’s 90 Schilling has been in a keg for a few weeks and we’ve had a few opportunities to share it with friends and family. Ethan and I are both happy with how it turned out, and so far everyone who tried it said that they liked it (though I always think that people might be being polite).  Anyway, I’m going to call it a success, as I actually enjoy drinking it more than the other beer we have on tap right now.

Today we’re brewing a Tall Grass Buffalo Sweat copy-cat recipe. The two beers we have brewed so far have both been extract (easy/beginner) kits, and this is a partial mash kit. Partial mash seems to be an ‘intermediate’ beer brewing method. You have some extract that you add in, but you make most of the extract by steeping grains yourself and then using that as the base of your beer.

The wort (un-fermented beer) is currently boiling, now that we just rinsed the grains. I can see how people who do a lot of brewing would prefer to have more equipment for some of these steps. It’s a bit of a challenge to hold a large wet bag full of grains and hot water over a kettle to let it drain. In the future we will probably buy a wort chiller to cool the wort more quickly and easily than using an ice-bath, and at that time we’ll probably also get a different thermometer that is built into the brew kettle. For now, though, we have a really minimal set up, to keep things “cheap.”

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