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June 17, 2013 Home Brewing , , ,

Quick beer update

Last night we kegged the Karl’s Ninety. It was about a week overdue, I think, but I’m told that the beer is safe in that state for awhile, and no harm seems to have come to it.

We took a small sample and both agreed that it tasted pretty good. It’s difficult to tell what its final flavor will be once it’s carbonated and fully chilled, but it definitely tasted like beer. It was lighter than I expected for a scotch ale, but the flavor is pretty malty.

We decided to make some changes to our kegerator to make everything easier to move around. Commercial kegs and home brew (or soda) kegs have different connection mechanisms. Right now our CO2 leads to a two-way splitter, and then to each keg. When we switch between having two commercial kegs and one commercial, one home brew, we have to swap out a gas line on the splitter. It only takes a few minutes and a screwdriver, but it’s sort of annoying. Last night we discovered it’s even more annoying when we just need the gas line for a few minutes to prepare a keg that won’t be going in the fridge for awhile. To make this easier, we’re going to get a four-way splitter and have two lines for commercial kegs and two for home brew kegs. That way we don’t have to do any fancy connecting and disconnecting to swap out kegs.

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