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June 9, 2013 Fitness ,

Rugged Maniac, 2013

Yesterday Ethan and I ran the Minnesota Rugged Maniac for the second year in a row. Both this year and last year the course was challenging and fun. The RM is held at a ski resort and the entire course is on ski slopes. All of the obstacles are designed to be achievable by a single person, though for some a bit of teamwork can be helpful. The hills are hard, being both long and steep.

We completed the ~5K course in about 55 minutes. Had we done more hill training, I am certain we could have finished much faster, but the hills wiped me out. Even so, I felt pretty good when we finished.

A few of my friends have been training for the same event and started shortly after us. One friend in particular, Jen, has only recently gotten into training and physical fitness, and this was her first adventure race. Her goal was to complete the course in under 2 hours. After Ethan and I finished, we were able to watch our friends complete the last few obstacles on the course, and finish. Their time was 1 hour and 59 minutes, just under Jen’s goal!

Jen said she’s really proud of herself for completing it, and she is already signed up for another adventure race this year. I could see how challenging the course was for her, and I am very proud of her too. I remember how proud (not to mention exhausted, sore and wrung out) I felt when I completed my first Tough Mudder, and that sense of accomplishment has lead me to continue to train and improve. I hope Jen can share that self-fueling fire that I’ve built for myself.

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