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June 1, 2013 Fitness, Photography

Race photos

Mile 10

Ethan’s mom was gracious enough to lug my camera around to get some photos of us during the run. This is us just after the 10 mile mark, prior to the big hill. I like that we’re both sporting our “jacket skirts.”

Post Race

Since she recently had foot surgery, and she wasn’t actually running the race, she arrived at the¬†finish line after us, and got a couple shots of us with our medals. I’m amused at our faces in this one. I think Ethan was trying to showcase his medal, but failed.

Strangely, my favorite of all of her photos was a complete accident. She wasn’t familiar with my camera, and wasn’t used to an SLR, so she wisely snapped off some shots of runners at the start line to make sure she was using it correctly. The picture below was one of these. While flipping through the images on my camera, this one jumped out at me. I’m kind of sad that the runner’s bib wasn’t in the photo, so I can’t find out who she is and send her the picture.

Accidental Portrait

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