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December 13, 2008 Pets

Meet Abe!

My aunt lives next to a man who is not in the best of mental health. In fact, his house is what is classified as a ‘garbage house’ meaning there’s trash piled up until there are actually just paths to get from the door to other places. This guy also ended up with over 30 cats, for reasons I don’t care to explore here. My aunt diligently helped him to find home for his cats when the city finally got around to condemning the house and evicting him.

Abe Abe

Ethan and I decided that we could squeeze one more animal into our home, so we adopted Abe, formerly Annie. So far he has mostly lived in the basement, with brief excursions upstairs to see our other cats, who have done remarkably well with this. There has been some hissing, but mostly just frightened regard from across the room. I’m hopeful that with several more ‘visits’ upstairs, Abe can be a permanent upstairs family member soon, and we can stop calling him ‘basement cat.’