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July 23, 2007 Uncategorized

Updates, Books and a Clean Car

Yesterday was my Anniversary so Ethan and I went out to eat, which didn’t take up most of the day, so I also made a few changes to the website. Mainly, I added pages to the archives, because search engines kept grabbing, for instance, the 2006 archive and none of the actual posts. This was rather frustrating, so now it’s divvied up. It is just as easy for them to move to page 2 as it is for them to move to a post. It also reduced those pages to a manageable size.

On Saturday we brought my car to have the tires rotated, and were told it would be about 45 minutes. We didn’t feel like hanging out in Discount Tire for that long, so we wandered down the street a bit and noticed a Borders Books. We went in just to look around and right inside the door was a table of Harry Potter 7… We decided that since they were 40% off, we would get one. We would have eventually anyway, and $21 isn’t a bad price for a hardcover (less in fact than we’ve paid for older ones). In addition, we also got a neat kind of recipe book, that I’m excited to try out.

After the car was done, we went up to my parents’ house (they were out of town for the day) and washed my car. Their garden is coming along nicely, though the tomatoes weren’t ripe yet. We did have a fresh turnip, and I was going to grab some kohlrabi before we left, but forgot.

I need to finish getting ready for work… so that’s all for now.