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December 31, 2006 Personal

Wisdom teeth and yogurt

Ethan had two of his wisdom teeth out on Wednesday and the office prescribed him (among several other things) some antibiotics. I don’t have enough time to get into my problem with antibiotics right now, but I decided that it would be best to buy some yogurt to counteract some of their more unpleasant side effects. Since I work at a natural foods co-op, this was no problem. I picked a brand that looked good and bought a bunch. Yesterday, we needed some more, and didn’t feel like driving all the way to the Wedge to buy some, so we went to a closer Rainbow Foods.

I was sort of appalled when I looked at the ingredients of every single brand of yogurt they had. Every single one contained either sugar and high fructose corn syrup (as the second and third ingredients) or an artificial (read: made in a lab) sweetener. Many didn’t even contain active cultures. Disappointed, we headed up to my workplace and bought another load of natural, fruit as the second ingredient yogurt. For additional sweetening, they use cane juice. You can’t get less refined than that.

It’s kind of scary how unhealthy so called health foods can be. Lesson learned: read the label.