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December 12, 2006 Uncategorized


I’m watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas… I’ve always liked this movie. It’s so cute. I think it’s the dog with the branch tied to his head that gets me.

Anyway, I discovered this website (that I should have known about earlier because MetaSteph ordered things from there almost every week) and they have shoes in my size!!! I don’t know about most people, but I have always hated shoe shopping. It always turns out disappointing and depressing.

I guess it was okay until I was in fifth grade and everyone else could buy those cool shoes with lights in them. I wanted a pair so badly, but at the time they only came in kids’ sizes, and I was wearing women’s size 6. It only got worse from there. It finally reached the point when I was in seventh grade when I couldn’t walk into a shoe store and find shoes that fit. I wore my mom’s old birkenstock sandals and hand-me-down size 10 converse high-tops. Except for birkenstocks, I didn’t have another pair of shoes that really fit me until I was 19.

Whenever a fancy occasion came along where I needed to wear dress shoes, I dreaded the trip to the shoe store where I would end up getting shoes that were way too long so that they were wide enough. I would wear them for that one event and then banish them to my closet, because shoes that are several sizes too large and have the obligatory pointed toe are about a foot long. It probably doesn’t help that any shoes with high heels make me tower above everyone around me.

This evening I took stock of my shoe situation… two pairs of birkenstock sandals, one pair of birkenstock clogs, and one butt ugly pair of new balance tennis shoes, the only pair of women’s in the store that came in my size. The total cost of my 4 pairs of shoes: about $500. If you add in my prescription shoe inserts, it comes to about $900. It would actually be higher, but one of the birkenstock sandals was on sale. Is it any surprise that I cringe at the thought of new shoes?

Well, I may have turned a new leaf. You see, Zappos.com has shoes in 9 EEEE. They don’t have any dress shoes in that size, but it’s a huge step. They have more than one pair of shoes in that size. For the first time since fifth grade, I have a variety of footwear options that fit and COST LESS THAN $100 A PAIR!

Maybe someday I’ll actually look at shoes and be happy.