My thoughts on life

June 17, 2006


Very little real news to post… Our bed decided to self destruct about a week ago, with us in it. Being a softside waterbed, it has several tubes full of water (that Ethan and I filled a couple of weeks ago, right after the big move) and one of them decided that twelve years or so of water holding plus three moves was too much for it and it sprung a leak. We became aware of this around one or two in the morning and had to move to the futon. Thankfully we were able to buy a replacement tube the very next morning, but it took a couple of days for the mattress top to dry. Boo. Anyway, that situation seems to be mostly resolved.

– I keep playing phone tag with this woman from the temp agency, which is annoying to say the least. There isn’t too much that’s more inconvenient as not being able to work because someone just doesn’t return your phone call for four hours and happens to catch you during the only time you weren’t home all day. *Frustration*

– In better news we got our first (half) produce share. It included leaf lettuce, spring mix lettuce, baby pac choi, mustard greens (yum), radishes, baby spinach and sage. They are all very fresh and very tasty. The radishes are so sweet and crispy, I kept eating slices I was chopping for salad. I don’t think they’ll last very long. With all those greens, I think we will have quite the array of salads this week. Yum, yum.