My thoughts on life

February 10, 2006


Yesterday I had recovered enough from my cold that I was able to give blood, unfortunately my plans to bring Steph with were destroyed when she came down with something… I think the lack of blood makes me more susceptible to caffeine, as the tea I had this morning made me completely jumpy. It might be very potent tea, this was the first time I’ve tried it and some tea is just stronger than others… The tea was in fact my latest order from Adagio.com and it’s fantastic. We were out of earl grey, so I figured why not try some that didn’t come from a supermarket. All I can say is that this is the most amazing earl grey I’ve ever tasted. It smells really rich and flavorful. I also got a sampler of green teas, some black-apple, black-lime and black-lemon. I’ve tasted the black-lime and it’s really good too. (If I weren’t hopped up on caffeine would I be babbling about tea for this long?)

– I think I have a weekend planned out for dress shopping, but I need to talk to Wren, Beth and Roxie first to make sure that it works for them. Hopefully we can all get together on the weekend of March 11th and get dresses…

– There were many other things I had thought of to say, but my tea-rattled brain can’t think of all of them right now.