My thoughts on life

January 26, 2006


Yesterday I suddenly felt motivated to work on my quilt again, so I pulled everything out and ironed the top, then decided I needed safety pins and perhaps a rotary cutter/mat/ruler. I headed down to the fabric shop where I think they undercharged me a great deal for the mat (usually priced around $60 – $70, but I got mine for a ridiculously low $44) and then came back home to get started. All that was left to do was construct the back (sew two pieces of fabric together) construct the batting (sew two pieces of thinsulate together) and then put all three layers together. I finished the batting and then pinned together the two pieces for the back and realized that I have either used up my red thread or it was lost to the cats as a play thing. Grr. Now I have to go back and buy thread. I’m thinking of somehow quilting the top instead of using ties this time. the quilting seems to hold everything in place better and on some older quilts I have, the ties have pulled through, leaving little holes in the blanket, and nothing holding the layers in place. Adding to that, I am torn between binding the edges (lots more work, plus more fabric) or not. Stupid indecision! At least progress is once again being made, so perhaps the end is in sight.

– On a completely unrelated note, the 10 minute rule almost took effect, meaning my prof was nearly 10 minutes late to class. There’s some official rule that students are excused from class if the prof is not there 10 minutes in. For a 50 minute class, that’s an awfully large portion of the class where you just sit there and wait. To make it even more interesting, the class in question only has two students including myself, so we simply sat there, discussing whether or not we should leave, when our prof finally showed up with just a few seconds to spare. He then admitted the reason he was late was because he was finishing up reading the section we were supposed to have read for that class. Sometimes I have to wonder what exactly is going on…