My thoughts on life

January 17, 2006


Well, I found out that DHL tried to deliver our phones to the POST OFFICE yesterday. Normally this wouldn’t be that bad, but the post office usually isn’t open on national holidays, so I have to say it was decidedly dumb. Had they driven several blocks further and just tried to deliver it here, we would have had our Vonage line up and running for almost a full day by now. They should be attempting to deliver it again today. If they bring it to the post office, we should have our new phones this afternoon.

– I’ve been playing around with a very large database of zip codes recently and enjoying the hell out of it. I even had a long discussion with Brad at work about how to get zip codes in an approximate distance of each other to return, and other random things. All of this is in preparation for a new site which I don’t want to let out of the bag just yet, lest I grow lazy and never finish it…

– Today is the first day of the last semester of classes for me. All my classes are early this semester so I’ll at least have some afternoons to myself, and, if the management at work ever figure out how to hire new people, I might not have to work almost every day. Wouldn’t that be nice. At least this semester I don’t have to work every single Friday, so I don’t have to wait until 6 to embark on a 3 hour drive to the cities.

– MetaSteph moved in yesterday. This is sort of a long, long story, and I have to keep getting ready, but she seems like she’s a pretty cool roommate, and she actually eats some of the same food as Ethan and I! This may be the first time that has happened with a room mate ever for us. For some reason it makes me all excited and I want to cook up a bunch of food and have her try it. I’ll try to resist going overboard.