My thoughts on life

January 13, 2006


Hmm… Break is almost over. I feel so incredibly lazy, having had many plans for my long, vacant days, and really I didn’t do anything at all. Today is my last day to go buy books before the bookstore on campus becomes infested with students. I don’t mind the students so much as how unhelpful and slow the staff is. When almost every student is there to buy books, you would think they would try to be organized, but no. No, instead they refuse to help you unless you are checking out (despite the fact that all semester there are three full time employees but only two registers…) and then they screw up and think it’s funny. Ha ha, we accidentally charged you $7000! Isn’t that funny! No, it’s not. (sigh)

– I decided that we were paying too much for the limited phone service we were getting, so I finally caved and ordered vonage, so soon we will have a twin cities number and not have to worry about paying for long distance, or even finding calling cards. For those of you who need the new number, it will be on my answering machine for a month or so and after that you can email me.

– I should probably get away from the computer and get ready to go to the bookstore before I start griddling and then all hope will be lost. Maybe if I start my day away from the computer I might actually finish my quilt. Anything is possible, right?