My thoughts on life

November 23, 2005


Yesterday, Ethan finally got a response from the Reverend Anthony (after he apparently didn’t get Ethan’s previous email, but somehow knew we were getting married) and said that yes, he would be happy to ‘do’ our wedding. I’m sure there’s a word for what I’m talking about, but I couldn’t tell you what that word is. At any rate this is very good news as I’m not sure how else we would handle that whole aspect of our wedding. The whole not being religious thing makes it interesting to find a similarly non-religious person to perform a wedding.

– On a similar note, a Baptist Minister will apparently be attending Thanksgiving at Jessigurr’s place. It will be interesting to see what kind of group dynamic four non-believers, a minister and his wife have. In any event, Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, so I’m not too concerned about what might happen. We’ll all be hanging out to have a good time, and hopefully that’s exactly what will happen.