My thoughts on life

November 21, 2005


Oof! What a long weekend! Ethan and I went to the cities to continue our ring shopping, and to visit people and places… We got in to the cities fairly late, with an Invader Zim disc in tow. On Saturday morning, we got up, had breakfast and headed to a strange pawnshop/jeweler that I’ve been to before, and thankfully we both felt good about the shop and the jeweler. She was really willing to work with us and didn’t try to make us buy anything that day. After talking with her for quite awhile, we decided to send her some information and then have her get back to us.

– We went back to my parents’ place and decided to give Ethan’s brother and sister a call to see if they wanted to get together for lunch. They were both available so off we went to eat some yummy Thai food. We hung out a bit with Beth and Keith and then decided to check out the Carpenter Nature Center. The weather was not terribly pleasant on Saturday, being windy, cold and cloudy, but we really needed to have a look before deciding if we want to have our ceremony there. Ethan and I walked around a few of the paths which run right along the St. Croix River. The bluffs completely blocked the wind and it was really pleasant. Eventually, when I could take no more walking, we came to the River Outlook. It’s a small platform with raised seating that extends over a bluff and has a spectacular view of the St. Croix. We decided right away that that was where we wanted to have the ceremony. Now we just need to set a date…

– We drove back to my parents’ place and went out for dinner. My mom kept making comments about the fact that we had already been out to eat once that day and then was really bitchy all through dinner. I don’t know why she acts like that. We managed to enjoy our dinner anyway, and then headed home.

– We made a last minute decision to go see the new Harry Potter movie, which turned out to be… well, scary. I was kind of surprised that people had younger children there, even though it was PG-13 and a late showing (8:30). I liked the movie though, except for this whole relationship between Hermione and some older guy, which I thought was creepy and inappropriate, but apparently I’m the only one…

– For whatever reason, Ethan and I were discussing our future pet situation, and good names for Old English Sheepdogs. I finally found a picture of a trimmed OES so now any of you who have had to listen to my ranting about how cute they are, you can finally see it for yourselves! I have to imagine that makes their summers a bit more pleasant.