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October 31, 2005


Hmm… JessiGurr made an interesting post yesterday about vitamin C. I have noticed I seem to be the only person who comments on her blog, which makes me feel a bit… obsessive? Anyway, instead of commenting, I thought I’d post a response here. So, for anyone who cares, here is a summary of what I have heard (from medical professionals) about the benefits of vitamin C:

  1. Like most vitamins and minerals, your body only needs a certain amount of vitamin C. Any excess you consume is easily flushed out of your body by your kidneys and expelled as urine. Basically consuming extra is equivalent to flushing it down the toilet. (Related Article)
  2. While a deficiency of vitamin C can cause a weakened immune system, there is no proof consumption of vitamin C above and beyond your body’s daily needs boosts your immune system. The only benefit would be if you are not consuming enough to begin with. (Related Article)
  3. By consuming the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables everyday, you are getting plenty of absorbable vitamin C, without supplements. (Related Article)

In short, if you eat a fruit and vegetable rich diet (as I know Jessi does), extra vitamin C will not help you stave off illness. Though apparently too much can give you diarrhea, increase your chances of osteo-arthritis, and can even increase the levels of free radicals in your body. My advice is to drink plenty of (100%) juice, eat citrus fruits and stop paying for supplements.

– Speaking of possible anti-oxidants, I just got my tea! Yay for tasty things that help prevent cancer!