My thoughts on life

September 29, 2005


I’ve had rather unpleasant dreams the last few nights. The first of these was about my old neighbor Mallory. Who’d have thought. I haven’t seen her in at least nine years. I don’t really think about her very often either. So why dream about her now?

– The second dream was about Kitty, who used to be part of a group of friends, but then she stole something from one of them and wouldn’t admit to it (until a few years later when she tried to use her stolen goods as leverage to get us to forgive her). I wasn’t a huge fan of that dream either.

– To follow that up, I dreamt that I was giving my Sem II presentation and no one would pay attention to me. Then I couldn’t remember what my presentation was about and the profs were really disappointed in me.

– All of these dreams mean I’m waking up unrefreshed and frazzled. I don’t think that’s what sleep is for. Stupid brain. It should be presenting me with happy things while I’m asleep. Isn’t that why I hired it?