My thoughts on life

September 19, 2005


Hmm, I was looking at random things on my site to see if people had posted messages etc, and it turns out that in fact yes, someone had left some feedback (how very keen). This person (who I’ve discovered to be named Steve Lakis) left a strange and somewhat amusing comment. I decided to check out his website, Slakis[dot]Com and found the whole thing pretty funny. It’s kind of random, but check it out if you will and enjoy the fun photos.

– My clothes from Thailand finally arrived today after a long wait. They all fit and look really crisp and neat. That probably sounds silly, but I’m rapidly growing used to clothes that have no shape due to either poor design or eventual disintegration, so clothes that a) look female b) are in good shape and c) actually fit me are terribly amazing to me. Actually c is pretty amazing by itself. I really can’t stand the clothes that people sell in America, but then if you’ve read my site, you already know that.

– I’m really excited about the premier of Nip/Tuck tomorrow. I’m all geared up for season III. Hopefully Angie and her boyfriend will be able to watch it every week and we can have two TV nights instead of one. There is nothing quite like an evening of excitement that revolves soley around the television.