My thoughts on life

August 20, 2005


This morning when Ethan and I went to the co-op, they happened to have a bunch of free cucumbers that someone had donated. Since they didn’t have space for them in the cooler and the co-op is only open a short time on Saturdays they said we could take a bunch. I decided to make refridgerator pickles. They already taste really good, and I’m sure they’ll be even better in a day or two.

– Speaking of good food, Ethan’s parents came to visit this week and they brought cheese! I’ve been snacking on fresh cheese curds for days now. So tasty. Their visit was kind of strange since both Ethan and I worked pretty much all day every day they were in town. That’s the joy of summer fairs I guess.

– The last fair ends today, so I don’t have to cover both the phones and everything else at work starting Monday. That’s very much a relief. I can’t belive school starts up again in a week and then my summer is over. I feel like I didn’t have a break at all. Unless we hire someone else, I don’t think I’ll be getting a real vacation again until graduation. Perhaps it’s best not to think of things like that…