My thoughts on life

June 25, 2005


What a crazily busy week. It was (thankfully) the last week of my drawing class, but we had two huge, time consuming assignments. I can go in Monday at some point and find out how I did. On Thursday morning, I stepped into a big warm puddle in our basement and discovered that the water heater was leaking — a lot. Somehow between lots of work and lots of drawing I had to make sure the right people were contacted and a new heater was installed, which it was yesterday afternoon. I got to take a hot shower after that. Unfortunately, there’s something up with our water main, where everytime you mess with it, it starts to drip, and for some reason the plumber decided to shut it off, even though there is a perfectly good shut off valve going to the heater, and when they turned it back on it started dripping, but they didn’t notice, and neither did I until late last night. Egad I say.