My thoughts on life

March 31, 2005


Wow, so working for five hours in one stretch at a place where almost nothing ever happens is rather boring. I’ve been reading up on PHPFreaks and decided to make a small change to my website. Now if you join up as a new member, you will get a randomly generated password that you could probably remember for a day or two — long enough to login and change your password to something you like. Before it was just some random letters and numbers. All very nice, but no one would remember it without writing it down.

– Last night Ethan and I were playing with Rooster and we noticed that Pester (who was sitting right beside us, vying for attention) was sort of… horrified maybe? that Rooster was not in his cage. For fun, we took both of them into the bathroom (the only room that is Rooster-proof) and watched them interact for awhile. It sort of went like this:

  • Rooster would scamper around the bathroom while Pester would try to avoid him
  • Rooster would end up somewhere Pester couldn’t see, but would make noise, prompting Pester to go looking for him
  • Pester would happen upon Rooster, look very startled, then Rooster would try to sniff Pester
  • Pester would run away
  • Repeat

What’s most adorable about this is the fact that Rooster was not only unafraid of Pester, but was in fact almost oblivious to him. He would go where he wanted to, whether Pester was standing right there or not. We must try this again until Pester and Rooster are friends.