My thoughts on life

March 21, 2005


Okay… Like I mentioned earlier, I had things to talk about. First, I bought the new Green Day album over break, and now I can say I understand what people mean when they say that Green Day has grown up. It seems like Green Day has done an excellent job of playing to the same group of people since their first album came out, not the same demographic mind you, but they have sort of matured with their audience. It’s very smart of them. The album is excellent and if you like any of their stuff I suggest you go out and buy it.

– I also got to see a few movies over break that I hadn’t seen before. The first was Hide and Seek. It’s hard to say exactly why, but the movie didn’t thrill me. It certainly had the startle factor going, I have to admit that, but I just didn’t find the end to be as scary as it should/could have been. I don’t want to give anything away though, so I’ll shut up.

– The other movie I saw for the first time was The Butterfly Effect. Before I saw the movie, I heard a lot of different opinions, everything from “freakiest movie ever” to “hilariously rediculous” and I can honestly say I understand now where both points come from. I didn’t find it to be one way or the other really (though Ethan was laughing towards the end). I thought it was pretty good and I’d be willing to watch it again, but some of the scenes were disturbing to say the least.

– I brought my cats in to the vet on Friday and got them all up to date on their shots and I also got them microchipped. I’m really glad to have that done just because now if they somehow wander off (unlikely since they rarely go outside and then they’re tied up) I have a decent chance of getting them back. Pester didn’t seem to notice anything was going on through all of his shots nor when a giant needle stabbed into his back for the chip. Peeve did notice the chip… I felt really bad for him because he hissed at the vet. It’s one of the three times or so that I’ve ever heard either of my kitties hiss. They’re both fully recovered now it seems, so I can stop worrying that I did something that hurt them.

– I also managed to get my oil changed which was long overdue, and I made a few (minor) alterations to my site, so despite my want/need to do nothing, I did get stuff done. Now I really am going to crawl back into bed for awhile…


Well, break is over and I’m back to my same old routine. Pity that the one day I really got to sleep in was yesterday, and today I had to get up early again. I would really like nothing more than to crawl back into bed and not come out again until it’s finally warm out. I actually have a few things I want to post, but right now I have to get dressed, finish breakfast and get to class…