My thoughts on life

March 14, 2005


I was hoping to get some loving in before leaving one barren wasteland for another where the heat is much less sufficient. Alas, my plans were not to be. After much distraction, I ended up forgetting to make lunch, which then took forever, so that by the time Ethan got home, that’s all there was time for. I guess I’ll just have to wait for loving on Wednesday (or Friday, since the chances of us having sex on Thursday are slim to none). How sad.


Well I’m at my parents’ house with a rather large and not terribly Annay cat in my lap. I’m wondering now that I’ve gotten here, what will I eat? I really have to be better about going grocery shopping before I come here. There is usually cereal and campbell’s soup, but that’s it, unless I want to make a huge meal for four, like spaghetti. Perhaps I could eat the cat. That would take care of me being hungry, her being hungry, and my legs going numb, all in one shot. I can’t lose!