My thoughts on life

February 10, 2005


Why I didn’t have soda as a child. Seems it’s a fruitful day in the news for upsetting me. The worst part about this is, it is easier to set lifestyles in childrent than it is to change them later. These are kids who will grow up overweight and have health problems because of it, and will forever crave soda and other high calorie foods. If you simply don’t get into the habit of having potato chips, soda, and twinkies when you are growing up, you don’t have the urge to eat them all the time in the future. I wonder if this could qualify as child abuse. I have seen cases where animals are obese and are taken away from their owners because of their poor health, so why can’t the same happen with children?


Things are getting out of hand. People really need to think about the consequences of their actions. Case in point, if people can sue every time a cluster of cells is killed in fertility clinics, fertility clinics will cease to be. Who then will you sue when you can’t have a child despite the advances in technology? Perhaps you should go after those who put the clinics out of business in the first place. People are frustrating.