My thoughts on life

January 19, 2005


This morning (still morning now, but earlier) while in my Calc II class there was suddenly a loud boom. The prof hesitated for a second and then continued teaching, then paused again to ask, “is that the fire alarm?” A second later the alarms in the room were going off. We all sort of grabbed our coats and shuffled out. As it turned out an electrical panel basically exploded (hence loud boom) and began pouring smoke out of a very foul odor (hence the smoke alarms).

Drawbacks to College Fire Alarms:
  • You haven’t practiced them once a month for a few years so no one knows where to go, when the building has been cleared etc.
  • The alarm noise doesn’t make your brain bleed
  • You have your coat, hat, scarf, mittens with you so you don’t have to freeze while waiting for the building to clear
  • The profs are just as surprised as you are
  • You don’t have a listen to an annoucement afterward either saying the drill went well or saying, “we’ll catch the bugger that pulled it!”
  • After about 10 minutes, you get to watch other people just strolling out of the building as though nothing were wrong…

– This really just makes me curious about the quality of the electrical work in the new Science building…