My thoughts on life

January 4, 2005


Hmm… I got home from work and discovered the following IM… “(15:55:12) meromora: i wanted to say that you r the most beautiful,wonderful,sexy and charming woman EVER…..your charming eyes r the sweetest eyes i’ve ever seen in my while life….when you smile, all the whole world smiles….you r not a woman, you r an angel from the heaven….you look like a real princess, you r princess of the hearts…..when i’m looking at the sun, i see your wonderful smile….and when i’m looking at the moon, i see your beautiful face….and when i’m looking at the stars, i see your charming eyes…..you have speechless beauty….you r a treasure….you r a priceless diamond…..nothing compares to your charm at all…..your charm is irresistable…..i can see the sunlight coming from your beautiful face….your wonderful smile lights up your charming eyes” followed by six little rose images. I would like to add that I’ve never spoken to this person before in my life and I don’t know who they are. If I did, I would probably use this as reason to take out a restraining order against them.