My thoughts on life

December 26, 2004


Well Christmas is done and all went well. Ironically Ethan was sick… but not terribly so. I got a bunch of cool stuff, including a popcorn popper thing, the third season of CSI, Neurotically Yours Volume One, clippers for my hair (so I can stop begging for haircuts from friends), this crazy CD my dad gave me by Loggins & Messina called Sittin’ In, I, Robot, a book on forensics, new headphones to replace my destroyed ones, new knives (nice knives), and a book who’s title I forgot. I’ve watched A LOT of CSI in the last two days. The funny part is I’m only halfway through the season.

– A few days ago I saw Ocean’s Twelve, which in my opinion was really good. The theater apparently has ginormous buckets of popcorn now, half of which I promptly spilled in my attempt at taking off my coat. That was lovely. Ethan and I were the only ones in the theater though, so I didn’t have to be embarrassed by my suave behavior.

– In a few days (the 28th to be exact) I’ll be heading home and then I can make the new page for next year. Then I get to come back here for my birthday… I wish Wren were here. (sigh)