My thoughts on life

November 18, 2004


I feel like the biggest geek. In one of my classes we’ve been working on virtual robots… (such a geek) and these bots run around and capture buildings. I’ve been working with this guy Chris on “Dumbot” which proved to be rather dumb in the last competition, but we had the second round today. We did really really really well. We beat everyone. A lot. The score last time was something like 704 points. This time, 90,000 and change. The next highest group had 82,000 and after that it was all 30,000 or less. This proves that if you want a robot to take over many buildings in some futuristic war zone, make sure it’s dumb. The more complicated, the more problems. The more simple, the better. One of the other groups actually said our slogan should be “bend over.” Dirty but amusing. I feel all proud. I feel very silly as well, but mostly proud. On the other hand, one of the groups had a bot that involved such programs as “Data,” “Wesley,” and “Captain Picard.” That one kind of died halfway through the game. It was very strange. It’s really too bad that grade isn’t based on improvement at all. We improved in ways that can’t be explained.

– Now that I have that mostly out of my system, I keep thinking that today is Friday. I have done all of my Thursday things, but some part of my mind is utterly convinced that it’s Friday today, or at the very least, that tomorrow is Saturday. I don’t know why. If I hadn’t talked to Morgan I would have probably not set my alarm and sat around for most or all of the day, doing nothing. Jesus. I hate days like that. I actually have felt it was Friday most of the week, so it shouldn’t be that strange to me, but I’ve had the “oh, tomorrow is Friday” conversation three times today. I wonder if this means I’ve somehow contracted mad cow disease (not likely because I don’t eat meat and haven’t for seven or eight years) and I’m starting to experience the onset of dimensia and confusion.