My thoughts on life

November 8, 2004


Well my mittens returned (great joy and happiness) along with my hat. This actually happened last Wednesday but I have been rather preoccupied and haven’t had a chance to post. I did add a new page though. Now that my boss is no longer dragging the company down with him, things around the office are starting to improve. We have actually gotten things done which have needed doing for ages (like giving our support staff access to view some of our clients’ balances so when they call asking how much they owe we can tell them…). I also managed to work on my friend Wren’s website. There’s still a lot more stuff that I need to get done but any improvement helps. Speaking of which I still have some stuff I need to do on this site, like a complete overhaul of my pets page. I also need to finish some of the skins for the site or just delete the ones that seem to be unfinishable and start some new ones. There are a few other things I’ve been working on, like having a feature from people who are members where they can set a skin preference and then when they log in it switches to that. Maybe when (mid-)winter break rolls around I can work on that more.

– This weekend Ethan was up. We watched The Birds at the theater last night. Parts of that film were freaky and others were downright hilarious. My favorite was after a woman is attacked and bloody, lying on a couch in shock, the others’ first reaction is to get her some brandy. I know that’s what I would want after being attacked by wild animals, brandy. I bet that really makes the shock better too. Also everyone in the film with the exception of children smoked. Mini Morgan just recently watched The Day The Earth Stood Still and she said there was an equally amusing part where several people are standing around in a hospital room talking about how the alien invaders had superior medical technology, allowing them to live for a very long time. Meanwhile, as they discuss this they are ALL smoking, in the hospital. Despite our technology advancing since that film was made, people still seem to want to die young.

– At any rate, my tutoring student is clearly not going to show up, so I think I will run home and eat before my next class.