My thoughts on life

October 27, 2004


Arrr… today I seem to have misplaced my mittens and hat. The hat I don’t mind so much. I got it at the salvation army and I have several other hats. The mittens though. If I don’t get those back I will be most upset. They are the only things that have ever kept my hands warm. I had them when I went to the HFA, and then as I was leaving, I had them no more. I retraced my steps and asked around, but I could not find them. I reported it to the Info desk, so hopefully some nice person will turn them in to lost and found and I’ll get them back. God. It sounds stupid but I pretty much want to cry. They aren’t replacable. My relatives and I have all looked for them in stores since I got them, but have never found a pair that was the same. How depressing.