My thoughts on life

October 25, 2004


My aunt lent me about 20 movies for some reason (maybe because she’s a nice person and understands that I don’t have money to buy my own or rent them). I’ve started watching them and about half have made me cry. Perhaps I’m bad at picking out movies. Of the criers: John Q, Devine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, Jersey Girl… I think it’s mostly that men cry in these, that and in Divine Secrets lots of terrible things happen. I can’t stand to watch men cry though. Anyone crying is pretty bad, but men… Mostly because I don’t see it that often I think. My friend Eliana and I were once having a discussion about that, crying when you see someone else cry. I was explaining to her that since I didn’t see her as the crying type, if I did see her cry I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. It’s not the same for people who cry over just about everything. I’m just not as effected I guess.

– Yesterday I ordered some body jewelry for my tongue and my new piercing. They should come in 4-20 days or something like that. It’s funny they say the shipping is 2-14 days but then they don’t ship it for 24-48 hours… plus time if they don’t have something in stock. Oh well. I’ll be happy to get them one way or the other.